• Ivan UlmannBroken Tiles for United Hearts
  • Ivan UlmannBroken Tiles for United Hearts
  • Ivan UlmannBroken Tiles for United Hearts
  • Ivan UlmannBroken Tiles for United Hearts
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// the artist

Like Baby of Life, Protected and carried over miles, Patiently waiting until the big day arrives..., Exited grabbing for the Word and light..., Innocently born without a plan where to go..., Only looking for truth and love..., No trace to follow, only your own to discover..., Learning slow by learning fast..., Growing into life, Filled with God's grace..., Adventurously playing by saving experience..., Falling to stay awake and firmly after..., Only looking for the path..., Unique and so special like no other kind... Helping others to find your own soul... Following a million of things..., Until the day we catch the dream... and kiss him alive..., Always thinking it wasn’t the last..., To continue chasing rainbow colors at the sky... Only looking for hope before life dies..., Ahead still a thousand years to discover..., Watching passed rains and suns from far..., Finding peace in balance and harmony..., Until the day we are facing the circle of life... And realize there is no end only a start for living...


With this site you have discovered an already almost forgotten way of creativity. The art that I want to bring you more closely is a mixture of an antique technique and the well-known famous POP ART.
Mosaics have belonged forever to one of the most precious wall- graffiti’s of human history. Invented first by the Greeks and later practised by the Romans, mosaics still continue today to capture the fascination of the watcher today.
With a lot of passion and patience, I bring the pieces belong together, together. In my portraits and sculptures made out of broken tiles, I automatically create visual breaks between the colourful individuals, which make my works look more real and alive.

I was born 1976 in Switzerland, where I lived until finishing the Superior School in St. Gallen (CH) 1995. From 1996-98 I accomplished many works in stone, marble and granite for both public and private park projects in the Algarve / Portugal. Inspired by the works of Antonio Gaudi, Andy Warhol and Anton Corbijn I changed at the beginning of 1999 to the broken tiles and discovered a new world of art.
Since 2000 my sculptures and portraits of famous people have led to many accomplished art exhibitions throughout Portugal.
Thank you for your attention

Ivan Ulmann.



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